Visitors Chairs

We manufacture and supply high quality visitors chairs of various types. Chairs with specific dimensions, colors and other parameters are also available with us.

Revolt Series


Revolt VB-51 Revolt VB-52 Revolt VB-53 Revolt VB-54
Revolt VB-55 Revolt VB-56 Revolt VB-57 Revolt VB-58
Revolt VB-59 Revolt VB-61 Revolt VB-62

Cyrus Series


Cyrus VB-01 Cyrus VB-03

Dacia Series


Dacia VB-01 Dacia VB-03

Mercia Series


Mercia VB-01 Merica VB-03

Maurya Series


Maurya VB-01 Maurya VB-03

Kent Series


Kent VB-05 Kent VB-06

Carthage Series


Carthage VB-01

Leon Series


Leon VB-01

Macedoni Series


Macedoni VB-01

Lori Series


Lori VB-01

Norman Series


Norman VB-01 Norman VB-02