Office Chairs

Office chairs are used in office workstations, business establishments, Govt offices etc. Office chairs are very different from other types of chairs like visitor chairs, auditorium chairs, cafeteria chairs, lounge chairs, student chairs both in terms of designs and comfort level. Normally people spend nearly 7-9 hours in a day sitting in these chairs and because of this higher level of comfort are necessary. The ordinary chairs can cause several health issues like back pain, leg pain, waist pain etc. The elegant and well built chair instils a sense of professionalism in employees. The good chairs in office speak a lot about your company in terms of professionalism and standards.

We Kartha Industries manufacture and supply large spectrum of office chairs in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka. Our chairs are fabricated as per the market standards and norms. We supply following types of office chairs to our customers.

Office chairs play a key role in a corporate office, Govt offices, commercial establishments etc. Kartha Industries is one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of office chairs in Bangalore. We manufacture and supply different designs of office chairs. We have different varieties of office chairs like push back chairs, executive chairs, mesh chairs, visitor chairs and workstation chairs. We use good quality raw materials for manufacturing the office chairs.

Cyrus Series


Cyrus HB-01 Cyrus MB-01 Cyrus VB-01 Cyrus VB-03

Dacia Series


Dacia HB-01 Dacia MB-01 Dacia VB-01 Dacia VB-03

Mercia Series


Mercia MLB-01 Mercia LB-01 Mercia VB-01 Mercia VB-03

Maurya Series


Maurya MLB-01 Maurya LB-01 Maurya VB-01 Maurya VB-03

Kent Series


Kent LB-01 Kent LB-02 Kent VB-05 Kent VB-06

Carthage Series


Carthage HB-01 Carthage MB-01 Carthage VB-01

Leon Series


Leon HB-01 Leon MB-01 Leon VB-01

Macedoni Series


Macedoni HB-01 Macedoni MB-01 Macedoni VB-01

Lori Series


Lori HB-01 Lori MB-01 Lori VB-01

Norman Series


Norman MLB-01 Norman VB-01 Norman VB-02

Aragon Series


Aragon HB-01 Aragon MB-01

Frankish Series


Frankish MB-01 Frankish VB-01

Hurrian Series


Hurrian MB-01 Hurrian MLB-01

Cyprus Series


Cyprus MB-01 Cyprus MB-02

Georgia Series


Georgia MB-01

Nanda Series


Nanda MLB-01

Alba Series


Alba MLB-01 Alba LB-01

Han Series


Han LB-01

Lindsey Series


Lindsey MB-01

Sparta Series


Sparta MB-01

Sicily Series


Sicily MB-01

Unlike other types, official chairs come with many additional features like height adjustment, push back, rotating facility etc. The seats are made of highly cushion materials in order to provide smooth sitting. The chairs with high back and low back are available depending on the back support required. The people with different heights can make use of height adjustment feature to be aligned with computer desk or office table. The height can be fixed and locked at certain level. The rotational feature of office chairs allows employees to easily turn around towards their colleagues and this reduces the unnecessary strain on necks. Push back feature gives support to spinal cord. Off course, these are norms set by Govt of India as part of maintaining healthy work environment, especially in IT, BPO and ITeS companies. The people who do not use professional office chairs as described above, may face serious health issues in long run.

Office Chairs Manufacturers in Bangalore

The quality of raw materials, the process followed in fabrication makes a big difference on final outcome of the chair. We ensure these criteria are met in order to have high quality office chairs at the end. Being one of the profound office chairs manufacturers in Bangalore; we strive very hard at each and every step of production process to ensure flawless chairs are delivered to our clients. Quality is not just the word for us, but it is everything for us. Having large production facility with ultra modern equipments and machineries, we are capable enough to handle large volume requirements from the customers. We also handle customer specific customized requirements. The office chairs supplied by Kartha are known to have very long life span. We give very good post sales service and quickly address any issues that may arise.

With rich experience in the industry, Kartha Industries has established its name among the prominent manufacturers and suppliers. We deliver the finest quality office chairs in India. Our manufactured office chairs are well-known for its comfort, quality, durability, design, smooth finish, and reliability. In the making of these chairs, we use high-quality raw materials. We never overlook any details while manufacturing the office chairs. Our manufacturing process goes through a lot of tests or quality checks to guarantee maximum satisfaction to the customers.

Why Choose Kartha Industries for Office Chairs?

• We believe in making only the best quality office chairs.
• We are offering office chairs at affordable prices.
• We have a team of skilled and professional members.

Kartha Industries aims for delivering top-notch office furniture to the clients. We have decades of expertise in this industry that make our manufacturing unit stands above the rest. We manufacture all our products using creative art technology and applying innovative ideas to achieve the client's satisfaction. We have strong management and optimistic approach in the manufacturing of office chairs. You can buy top-grade quality office chairs from us at the best prices. Hit your order now!