Imported Office Chairs

We offer high quality and exclusive design designs imported office chairs of various types. Chairs with specific dimensions, colors and other parameters are also available with us.

Dynasty Series


Dynasty HB-01 Dynasty MB-01 Dynasty VB-01

Empire Series


Empire HB-01 Empire MB-01 Empire VB-01

Kingdom Series


Kingdom HB-01 Kingdom MB-01 Kingdom VB-01

Chariot Series


Chariot HB-01 Chariot MB-01 Chariot LB-01

Executive Series


Hi-Ness HB-01 Nero HB-01 Mc Grath HB-01

Halberd Series


Halberd HB-01 Halberd MB-01

Hoplon Series


Hoplon HB-01 Hoplon MB-01

Francisca Series


Francisca HB-01 Francisca MB-01

Dukes Series


Dukes HB-01 Dukes MB-01

Samurai Series


Samurai HB-01 Samurai MB-01

Ballista Series


Ballista MB-01 Ballista LB-01

Lowback Series


Gladius LB-01 Penteconter LB-01 Crossbow LB-01 Sambuca LB-01
Claymore LB-01